By Manjyot (MJ) Aujla, Product Manager, Digital Platform Services – Cyber Security & Digital Solutions (CSDS)

Platform products exist to solve problems that are common to many government departments. Having shared components built and available to re-use helps teams focus on building what their service needs to do, without having to worry about buying or building the same components multiple times.

If you are passionate about delivering the programs and services that Nova Scotians rely on more quickly, easily, and efficiently using a platform approach, we have some exciting opportunities with our Digital Case Management Services team for you to check out.

About Digital Case Management Services

Nova Scotians want modern, well-defined government services, accessible in convenient ways. Our goal is to make it easier and more convenient for Nova Scotians to access the programs and services they need from government.  “Case management” is a common set of components across government where staff keep track of activities and information like contact details, case notes, appointment history, and reporting, among other functions.  This common set of user needs highlights a great opportunity to create platform products that can be reused or implemented in many areas of government, while still keeping Nova Scotians’ information safe and secure.

Group of people in a meeting.
Members of the CSDS team working on solutions.

The Digital Case Management Services team is at the forefront of transforming the way the government manages and processes cases in the digital age.  It’s a chance to be part of a new team that’s improving how the government operates and interacts with Nova Scotians.  Our team is focused on building a common set of shared, re-usable platform products that operate like ‘lego blocks’ allowing these products to be joined up as part of delivering the programs and services Nova Scotians rely on government for, faster and more effectively.

We will be building, and continuously improving these common ‘lego-blocks’ for case management components that will be available to other government programs in the future. This will allow government to offer and customize services using these components, rather than buying a unique technology solution for each different program.

The Opportunity

We have three upcoming positions within our team where you could make a big impact:

  1. Product Owner
  2. Technical lead
  3. Platform Support Analyst

As key members of our team, you will have the chance to work as part of a multidisciplinary team with partners from across government.  We are a new team applying new ways of thinking and working by understanding and solving the common ‘case management’ issues faced by many government services.  It’s a complex, yet important problem to tackle if you’re up for it!

What It’s Like to Work with the DCMS Team

Imagine a collaborative and innovative work environment where your ideas are not just heard, but actively encouraged.  As a member of our team, some initial areas of focus you will work on include:

  • improving digital evidence handling for the Public Prosecution Service
  • enhancing services that support labour standards and processes for the Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration
  • facilitating disclosure and reducing file processing time for the Department of Justice

How to apply

Ready to be a catalyst for change?  Check out the detailed job postings for each position and submit your application.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of a team that will shape the future of government services – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!