By Sharal Riggs, Service Manager, RMV Modernization – Cyber Security and Digital Solutions

The Registry of Motor Vehicle Modernization Team is a multi-disciplinary team that draws its members from various departments and consultants.  We strive for excellence in building services that will meet citizens’ needs and expectations.

Goals of the Discovery Phase

Within the project, we’ve broken our work into streams to deliver products and services for drivers, vehicles, licensing and to address the safe and secure migration of data.  Our team recently completed an 8-week discovery phase to learn more about vehicles.  We spoke to subject matter experts from the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), staff at access centres and, most importantly, owners and citizens and dealerships about their experiences using our services.

Our key goals in this work stream include:

  • Providing citizens with a modern, user-friendly service experience while creating efficiencies and reducing operational burdens for business partners and industry.
  • Developing a vision for modernized vehicle services by exploring and discussing the future of vehicles, primary vehicle users, and the problems they may face.
  • Outlining the necessary data elements and the underlying technology that will support the delivery of safe and secure, modern vehicle services.

It was a challenge for the discovery team to refine the scope of this work stream because of the many factors at play in vehicle ownership, purchase and transfer. So far, we’ve identified the following requirements for the services we’re designing:

  • facilitating core vehicle registry activities;
  • licensing and regulating vehicle-related businesses;
  • recording vehicle thefts, recoveries, and suspensions of plate/permit privileges;

What we heard

Citizens are unclear about what they need to do and are concerned they won’t “do it right the first time”. Using what we have learned, we have prioritized the processing of information, access, and clarity.

  • Process and Information
    • Some citizens struggle to find the information or transaction they’re looking for in a clear, convenient, and accessible format.
  • Financial Transparency and Preparation
    • While new transactions can’t be processed if a citizen has an outstanding fine or penalty, they can’t search for outstanding fines or debts associated with their vehicle.

Staff are concerned about factors that create barriers to providing a great service, including:

  • Data Structure and System Challenges
    • Our existing legacy system can be inefficient, unstable, and incompatible with new technologies and can lead to failures.
  • Customer Service Representative Training / Responsibility
    • Transactions are complex and there are limited tools to support staff as they work with clients. This results in long and complicated training for staff.

Why this matters

Recommendations and findings from this Discovery phase of work will help inform our Alpha phase. In Alpha, we will start building prototypes for vehicle services and testing them with users to demonstrate that the service we want to build is possible. We’ll use these prototypes to identify design problems, decide how to solve them, and determine the steps to build a minimum viable service.

The opportunity 

This is your opportunity to shape the future of RMV services in the Province, there are upcoming key roles with this project where you could make an impact:

  1. Senior Solution Architect
  2. Program Administrator
  3. Software Developer
  4. Process/Service Efficiency (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) resource

As a key member of our team, you will have the chance to work as part of a multidisciplinary group of experts alongside partners from across government and industry to develop new services for a variety of initiatives.

How to apply

Ready to be an agent of change?  Check out the job postings for each position and submit your application.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of a team that will shape the future of government services.

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